Day 29 – Yoo Hoo Canada

Joyce to Sedro Woolley, WA – 14th July 2021

I had a pretty comfortable night in the RV, it’s been a long while since I slept in a mobile home, I used to caravan many years ago, but always with a tow along, until a lorry crashed into our last one and wrote it off. Never stayed in an RV before although a couple of friends do have them, minuscule of course compared to the American ones, this is a Winnebago, just iconic.

As it was not hitched up to the mains, Teresa has a couple of porta-loos for people to use; she also rents out camping space in her grounds so the toilets are mainly for them.

Teresa has already left for work so a great shame not to see her again. Another great BaB host, thank you so much.

Today I am riding the last part of my tour on Highway 101 which will run along the coast of the Salish Sea/Strait of Juan de Fuca just 18 miles across the water from Vancouver Island, Canada! I plan to ride to Port Angeles and then on to Port Townsend to catch a ferry to Fort Casey and ride northwards onto Highway 20, which I have been told is the most scenic route through the Cascade mountains… looking forward to that.

But first

I see this little fella munching grass behind the RV… can’t resist a photo.

Right Pogs, get going!!! And there it is…

At least I managed to almost get to Canada.

Just along the coast is Tongue Point that has the Camp Hayden Gun Emplacements left over from the second world war. I was told these are not to be missed as you are able to drive/ride through them… ok not going to miss that.

a huge bunker and two gun emplacements, fascinating. As I ride out of the second one I am confronted by a group of young deer at the side of the road. I immediately pull over not wanting to scare them and to take some photos of course.

Onwards to Port Angeles

Love the murals… especially the super futuristic ferry. The people are just so photo realistic you can hardly believe they are not actually there. I stop here for an early lunch then make my way along to Port Townsend

I manage to find the ferry port really quickly, go Garmin, and ride up to the booth where I am able to purchase a ticket. I mention that I am a senior and he doesn’t blink, just says $5.50, which is the senior ticket price so am well chuffed with that small saving. I guess he notices the small sofa on the back of my bike so asks how far I’m travelling, “New York, eventually” he seems impressed and tells me to ride to the front of lane 1 with the other motorcycles and to have a safe ride… I get to meet the nicest people.

There is only one bike already there, the rider is pretty friendly, nodding at me as I pull up. We strike up a conversation and discuss our bikes, of course. He is riding a Harley, (so envious), Street Glide, it is a kind of bronze/grey metallic colour, just lovely. He is riding up from Seattle, but originally from California. His name is Jed and he is in the Navy stationed at the Naval Air Station on Whidbey Island just across from Port Townsend. A really nice guy.

We are soon joined by 4 or 5 other bikes, all Harleys of course.

Shortly after this the ferry arrives and we are allowed to embark. Similar to the Woolwich ferry in London we ride to the ‘front’ of the boat and park up, so we will be the first ones off, good.

The crossing takes just 50 minutes, during which I take a quick look around the boat to see if there is a cafe or anything, but don’t find one. I also take the opportunity to get some shots of the gun emplacements of Fort Casey from the sea.

Then it is time to get back to the bike ready to ride off.

The boat docks and the walk on passengers start to stream off. They are half way up the ramp when I hear the motorcycle behind me revving so I start to move forward up the ramp as I assume we have been allowed to disembark. A very large man in an orange waistcoat starts shouting at me, I stop and he shouts “we wait until the passengers have got off first”. Well of course I know this and am feeling very, very stupid sitting there in the middle of the ramp with everyone looking at me…. I just reacted without thinking to the sound of the engine revving… honestly Pádraigín. He then waves me forward and I am very glad to be getting off this boat.

The ferry arrives at Fort Casey which is a place of historical importance. I have googled it and really would like to take a look especially as it is literally next door to the ferry port.

I ride in and of course there is a fee to enter so I pull over to the reception and go in. I actually buy a Parks and Recreation annual pass, it is $30, but this allows me to enter all the parks etc. in Washington state. I know I won’t use it for a year, but I may need to cross State park land so it could come in useful.

Behind the ramparts is a small block, the telephone switchboard. It is really dark inside, but I go in for a look anyway

then at the end of the corridor I’m a little spooked by this ghostly image

Until I realise it’s actually me being framed by the light coming in from the doorway at the other end of the corridor… phew!

Also on site is a renovated and preserved lighthouse.

and more rabbits… seems to be a theme today

It is now almost 5pm so I really need to be getting a move on. I am staying with Tamera, another Bunka host, in Clear Lake near to the fabulously named Sedro Woolley. It is just off of HWY20, so on the way to the Cascades, yay. She has another Bunka staying and can only offer me the sofa, I am very pleased just to have somewhere to stay so this is absolutely no problem.

I’m in text communication with Tamera and tell her my eta. I also let her know that I will stop on the way to have dinner, (so she will not think she has to feed me too). A little while later she lets me know that she and the other Bunka guest are going out to dinner and should be back around 8pm so I am to let myself in, she gives me all the details so that I can make myself comfortable when I arrive.

I arrive at 8.20pm, but they are still not in, I then receive a text from Rani, the other Bunka, Tamara’s phone has died and they will now be home around 9pm. I unpack my bike and then decide to do a few little maintenance items on the bike, (I managed to get a replacement bulb for the auxiliary light on the way today). As the light fails I feel like I am being eaten alive by the mozzies so get myself inside.

Tamara and Rani arrive about 9.30 and we have a quick chat, make up my sofa and then Tamara invites both of us to share a hot tub… Rani declines and not for me either, but thanks… it is a little bit over familiar for me, maybe its an American thing.

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