Day 28 – Humptulips, Queets and Forks

Long Beach to Joyce, Washington – 13th July 2021

So this will be the final day of the west coast section of the tour. I must say the weather has been very hit and miss this last few days, especially when you consider that probably less than a hundred miles inland there is a heatwave and wild fires.

As I leave Long Beach I do stop for a couple of additional photos of this tiny, quirky little beach resort

Then I must be on my way. First place of note is South Bend, with a rather unusual contraption

followed by Raymond where I just had to stop and photograph the amazing metal icons strewn about the road sides

Lots of logging references as this is the biggest industry in the area by far. My next point of interest is Cosmopolis

I pass through the wonderfully named Humptulips, (I mean who came up with that one?) and am entering the ‘rain forest’ region.

This is major First Nation country where the Quinault and Hoh tribes have their reservations

It is definitely getting colder and more isolated, the towns are very few and far between

I assume the crosses are to commemorate a couple of deceased loggers. I am constantly passed by huge lorries hauling massive logs. One thing I didn’t know is that the trailers are not flat beds, the logs are supported front and rear with the rear end being a separate ‘bogey’ that can be put at any length from the main section to accommodate logs of varying lengths. When I see the empty lorries they carry the bogey’s on top of the front section until they load up again; very interesting.

The 101 then swings back westwards to the coast where the town of Queets awaits

I pull into the trading post to fill up with petrol and use the facilities. Coming back out to the bike and I can’t find my phone… blooming hell I’ve left it in the toilet so I rush back in, but the toilet is occupied. I remember when I came out a young woman went in after me, so I presume she is still in there… I wait a few seconds and then think maybe it’s not her and she has already left, maybe she dropped the phone off at the counter so I go to ask there. The guy behind the counter just looks blank, then I notice the toilet door is now open so I rush in to see if my phone is there.. nope, its gone!! Coming back into the shop I see the young woman who went in after me so I go over and ask her if she has seen my phone? ‘No, what phone is it?’ ‘An iPhone’ her partner interrupts with ‘well then you can use the locator app’ ‘Oh, but I’ll need a phone to do that’ ‘Yes we can look for it for you, we have an iPhone’.. how great are these people? He says their phone is in their vehicle so I follow them out. Just before we get to their pick up I remember that I put my phone in my chaps pocket; yes there it is, gosh do I feel bloody stupid, but what a relief.

Back on the bike and along the desolated coast until the road dives back into the deep forest

I next arrive at this town

and stop for a quick look at the Timber Museum and Loggers Memorial, (sponsored by Soroptimist International)

Another quick stop in Forks to take these photos

and then I’m into road works, there is a notice saying ‘Motorcyclists Take Extreme Caution’ closely followed by another saying ‘Loose Gravel’.. OMFG I have nowhere else to go so I just have to get on with it… I try to keep the bike in the flatish area made by the wheels of other vehicles and my speed down to 35mph… the road just goes on and on and on…. eventually the cars start to overtake and I get dust thrown up into my face, I now have to ride with grit in my eyes; and the road goes on and on and on… I think it is about 20 miles of non stop loose gravel, don’t ask me how I managed it, but I did and at last I arrive, freezing but safe, at Crescent Lake.. absolutely stunning in the evening light

Just 6 miles on and I arrive at Teresa, my Bunka Biker for tonight. She welcomes me in, plies me with coffee and chit chat then shows me to my accommodation tonight…. ooooo yes, an RV, how exciting…

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