Day 47 – Another Tri-State Day

Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Johnson Creek, Wisconsin – 1st August 2021

Packing up this morning and Tom offers to tighten up the front indicator for me.. so grateful for everything. What a lovely couple, so glad to have met them and the super sweet Kitti too.

I hope they have a great time at Sturgis.. I don’t know how they cope with the humungous number of bikes and bikers, but obviously they love it so good luck to them. (Kitti will stay at home with the home stay minder, too hot and busy for her I expect).

Today I am heading for Milwaukee, home of Harley Davidson.. yes this is where it all began in 1903 and the headquarters are still there. There is also a massive museum which I intend to visit, I cannot be a Harley fanatic and not visit Milwaukee now can I. Tom has advised me to take the 151 to Dubuque and then on to the 18 as that will be the most interesting route.. ok

Saw this in the distance and liked the look of it – don’t know what the M stands for

Even though I haven’t been on the road that long I do stop off at Anamosa for an early brunch in this Biker grill

Anamosa is actually the home of the National Motorcycle Museum, but I am going to the Harley Museum and one is enough in one day for sure.

Next stop, Cascade, what a lovely town

I’m riding down some really great roads, thanks Tom…

when somehow I take a wrong turn and end up riding through Bernard

Spot the shamrock…. again

I make my way back up to the 151 and on into Dubuque where I cross over the grand Ole Mississippi into Illinois, take a left and up a short hill into Wisconsin

next am passing through Hazel Green, where the Knights of Columbus are at it again…

certainly a little more subtle than the hand painted sidings in Nebraska for sure.

Cuba City is interesting, I find this exhibit and stop for a look

Eventually joining the 18 at Platteville

Staying on the 18 I come to Belmont

and I’m not sure what this M is about… there are a couple of places beginning with M, Mineral Point, Madison and later a couple of Mountains… not got a clue

I skirt around the city of Madison and enter Cottage Grove

I think I’m not going to make it into Milwaukee today so I look for somewhere to stay and find a motel in Johnson Creek

When I arrive I decide to take a look at what motorcycles might be available in Milwaukee… Harley of course, but I don’t think I will get one in my price range. I do find a used bike dealer not far from here so I think I will go and have a look at their inventory tomorrow before making my way to the Harley Museum… won’t hurt to take a look methinks.

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