Day 49 – Hoodly Doodly – She Say Yes

Milwaukee WI to South Bend IN – 3rd August 2021

Before I go in to the Museum I need to eat… it’s becoming a thing…

After another excellent lunch.. I had the same as yesterday, very good, it’s time to have a look around the Museum, but first into the shop to pick up a few more bits and pieces.. haha.

Yes again I am allowed in for free, so that is brilliant, but I don’t get any more free badges boo hoo.

I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves, if you are not that into motorcycles just skip the slideshow, although there are some that are fascinating both as HD history and as a testament to how bonkers some people can be.

In the final section there is an opportunity to sit on some of the new models, I try out the Pan American and my feet are dangling about half a metre off the floor.. don’t think I will be getting one of these then. I ask a guy to take a few photos of me anyway

When I come out I take a few external shots, and some selfies, then I guess I had better get going.

I did enjoy the museum, it was a little bit motorcycle overload, but still some of the related artefacts were indeed very interesting. Some crazy bikes on display too!

Now as some of you will know I very much like a boat and there is a ferry from here across Lake Michigan to Muskego, which I think would certainly save me some time and indeed some money for petrol etc. I check it out for sailing times and prices… gobsmacked… the ticket is $174 for me as a Senior and the bike… sorry that is just too much and the next ferry is at 6am so I would have to stay another night here.. better forget that.

Ok so now I am aiming to get round the bottom of Lake Michigan today and on eastwards towards Cleveland as far as I can. I am heading to Rochester NY to visit with some friends and have told them I will be there by Thursday.. so 700 miles in 2 1/2 days… eek!! It’s going to have to be interstate all the way I guess… deep joy.

But, of course there is more than one Harley dealership in Milwaukee… I drop in to Milwaukee HD and House of HD too, just to make sure I haven’t missed anyone… poker chips are piling up guys.

The rest of the day is spent bombing along the i94 through Milwaukee and Chicago.. So it’s Waving Goodbye to Wisconsin and Mighty Good to See Ya Michigan. I am surprised that I hardly notice Chicago at all, I didn’t see one sky scraper, I check the route and the interstate completely bypasses downtown C, bloody good job too. Oh no, looks like it’s a toll road. There are no instructions or booths to pay the toll.. guess I’m going to get a fine, oh well not a lot I can do about it; I’ll let James in LA know to expect a letter.

Just past Chicago and already it’s Missin’ Ya Michigan, Indeedy Indiana; another Tri State day.

I pull off the i94 to Lake Station and get petrol, so I guess I am going to get billed again for leaving and rejoining the toll road.. grrr.

While I am there I check out and find a deal in South Bend, some 65 miles away… yes I’ll be ready to stop by then. The i94 then morphs into the 20 again so a much more interesting road.

I arrive in South Bend and then notice a sign for Notre Dame.. hang on a minute, is this THE Notre Dame I wonder… this is where Peg and Tom from Wilbur campsite both went to university.. well how spooky is that, just by sheer chance I am here and staying overnight. Oh goody, that means I can take a good look around in the morning.. I can’t wait to see the home of the ‘Fighting Irish’ and tell my new friends Peg and Tom, the Leprechaun mascot, all about it of course.

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