Day 50 – Go Irish

South Bend IN to Willoughby OH – 4th August 2021

So, I’ve checked it out and it is indeed THE Notre Dame, so I am off exploring this morning. I know I am tight for time, but I absolutely cannot miss having a look around.

The first campus I come upon is St Mary’s, which I know is Peg’s Alma Mater. I have a slow ride around the campus grounds.. just beautifully kept lawns etc. who wouldn’t want to study here?

I also see there is a convent here, the Sisters of the Holy Cross, I wonder if they are still going strong? After all I expect that the religious life isn’t quite the vocation it used to be, but I may be wrong.

Further down the road is the main Notre Dame University campus and I go on in for a look

Beautiful architecture and grounds… again just immaculate. But, what are those nuns up to? Is that one of those ‘unnatural relationships’ they used to warn us about when I was at school…. obviously didn’t listen LOL.

I notice there is a visitor centre so go in there to see if they have a shop… well do they have a shop, it’s like a department store, I mean it’s ginormous… everything you can imagine from fridge magnets to seat cushions for comfort while watching the ‘Fighting Irish’ games… just amazing. I am very, very restrained! I just pick up a couple of small items as I don’t have room on my bike. They do have an online store too apparently and will ship overseas… ahem!!

I spend far too long here and really must get going, but not before I have sent a couple of pictures to Peg and Tom.. I made them laugh, oh good.

Back on the interstate, time to ride like the wind… except for some reason my GPS routes me the longest way round so I end up riding 352 miles instead of around 290 on non interstate roads.. anyway I pass through Etna Green, and Columbia City then cross the line into Ohio so it’s I’ll Be Seeing Ya Indiana and Oh Hi Ohio. I ride through Payne, Upper Sandusky where I stop to visit the local HD dealer, but it’s shut, Van Wert and Bucyrus into Willoughby my stop over for the night.

I’m absolutely exhausted, but think I have broken the back of it so hopefully I can enjoy riding alongside Lake Erie for some of the journey tomorrow into Rochester.

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