Day 51 – Eerily Erie

5th August 2021 – Willoughby OH to Rochester NY

I am planning a scenic ride for the last 250 miles along Lake Erie and up into Rochester via Buffalo. I would really like to visit Niagara Falls again if I have time as I didn’t really spend enough time there when I was here back in 2016, but it might have to wait until tomorrow.. see how it goes.

I am riding along the 20 again, this road seems to cross from coast to coast, it is a great road. Just then I am actually on the lake itself

Not as dramatic as the Pacific Coast Highway, especially Oregon, but after all that farm/ranch land it’s good to see a bit of blue.

Sadly it doesn’t last as the road takes me into a rather grim industrial area

Not so pretty… I then start passing through a few of the towns situated on the lake shore including Geneva, (no huge waterspout at this one), which then turns down to the lake to ‘Geneva on the Lake’… indeed

Which also is the home of the local HA Chapter… it obviously pays to advertise, although usually they are squirrelled away on some industrial estate, here they are out there on the main drag

Riding up beside the lake I see a sign for Kent State University… mmm is this THE Kent State? The one where they shot the students who were protesting against the Vietnam War back in the early 70’s, I’ll check it out later

Indeed it is THE place where 4 students were shot dead by the Ohio National Guard:

Isn’t memory a strange thing.. for example, I always thought Notre Dame University was in Boston or one of the New England states and Kent State in California… oh well, there you go, wrong again Pogs.

I pass this, I think it looks like an old converted lighthouse, wouldn’t it be great to live in a house like this… cool!

Still running beside the lake and entering the very picturesque Conneaut, whose main claim to fame seems to be a rather interesting lighthouse

Then it’s Oh No Bibi Ohio, Poppin in again Pennsylvania.. and out again, short but sweet..

Now then Noooo Yerk, but it’s getting late so no stopping for anything other than petrol I’m afraid, my friends have a small child so I don’t want to be arriving too late and disturbing her.

Just when you thought it was deer free, I’m seconds away from my friends house, they live in the woods, when I look left to see where their road is and as I look forwards again a deer is scooting across the road just in front of me.. talk about fright!! My heart is thumping; I think these ‘deer whistles’ work cos that deer was motoring, thank goodness as otherwise I probably would have hit it, certainly no time or distance to stop.

So, here I am in upstate New York just on the Canadian border, still no going across though 🙁 Am planning to stay over the weekend, probably until Monday when I’ll be making my way via Vermont to Maine and the rest of the New England states, am really looking forward to it. Tomorrow I’m definitely going back to Niagara, its only 70 miles away and the grrrls are both working so I shall be well out of their way. But first I am working myself at 8am for an hour or so.. better get a good nights sleep then.

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