Touristing in North Sardinia

Day 6 – 5th July 2020 – North Sardinia

On the advice of my good friend Sylvie and my guesthouse owner, Nicoletta, I am planning to visit Santa Teresa di Gallura, which for some reason I thought was going to be a church or nunnery, but no it is an actual place.

But first off with the Mosko Moto harness…. ahhhh that’s better.

Here is a short clip of me leaving the guesthouse this morning, it shows what a quirky place Luras is, I think it is typical of the mountain villages and towns here in Sardinia.


I have to say the roads in Sardinia are absolutely perfect for motorcycling, some really fantastic twisty roads with hairpins, switchbacks and long stretches of gentle curves, which all go to make the riding here extremely enjoyable.  The road surface when leaving the ferry was atrocious, but on the whole the rest of the road network is pretty good and, in fact, excellent in places.


I have a great ride up to the northern coast at Santa Teresa di Gallura where I stop for lunch.  The weather is also perfect so who could ask for more.

After lunch I decide to have a look at La Magdelena, this is a small island off the coast so is only reachable by ferry.  Apparently this is where the rich Sardinians have their holiday homes and it is very expensive there so I don’t bother getting the ferry.  Instead I head further down the coast to Porta Cervo which is very nice too, lots of multi-million pound yachts and boats, just my milieu… ahem!


Quite a long day in the saddle and am feeling very tired so just make my way back to Luras.  I change and then go looking for the restaurant recommended by Nicoletta, but blowed if I can find it.  I am walking down the road where the restaurant is supposed to be according to google, but no luck.  There’s a woman with two little dogs, one of whom decides to bark at me and runs into the road to get a better position, there is a car coming so I call the dog over, this seems to confuse him/her so it stops barking.  I tell it to go back to mama and then it occurs to me to ask her if she knows where the Pizzeria is.. she says something to me, I don’t understand her of course, but the gist of it is there’s nothing here, I need to go back into the centre.  So I walk back into the centre of town and finally find another place.  All the restaurants seem to be Pizzerias, it would be nice to have something else, but still it is very good.

When I get back to my room I try and blog but am so tired that I face plant on the bed, fully clothed and don’t wake up until 4.30am, when I do attempt to catch up the day before and this one, which is now yesterday… it’s the uploading that is taking so long.

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