Day 27 – Dhobi Day 1

Long Beach, Washington – 12th July 2021

Well, you will be pleased to know that todays diatribe will be short and sweet. I am having a day off to do my laundry, wash the bike and try to catch up the blog.

I go out to get on the bike and blimey it’s been raining, I didn’t even notice.. lucky I’m cleaning her today.

Tne day is actually still very overcast and gloomy so ideal for a day off really. I go up into the little town and these are the kind of establishments that are typical here

Not exactly progressive.

First thing to do is take my laundry to the local launderette, which I remember passing on the way in last evening. While the washing is running I need to get some supplies to get the bike washed; some spray cleaner, (at home I just use any old kitchen spray so I go looking for something similar), microfibre cloths and chrome cleaner as I didn’t bring anything with me.

I also need a replacement bulb for one of the auxiliary lights so take a ride up the almost only shopping street to look for an auto parts shop. I do find one and have a look, but it soon becomes obvious I will have to take the old one out and bring it to the shop to get a direct replacement.

Back to the launderette and transfer the clothes into a dryer, then out again when I find this very kitch diner so pull in for a spot of brekkie

It has a railway theme and the food is good too.

I go back and collect my washing and on the way to the motel I do have a little look around the shops and get a postcard and a few other bits and bobs, then head back to get the bike done.

A couple of hours later and she is all shiny again. I have taken the bulb out but really can’t be bothered to ride back to the auto shop so I will keep it for another day; after all there are plenty of other places and I don’t actually need the auxiliary lights.

I guess now it is time to go and see this ‘Worlds longest beach’ except I can’t actually see anything as it is so misty and overcast… what a shame

At least I got a good photo of one of the many dead crab littering the beach.

Brrr it’s cold, so back to the motel for blogging and a bit of telly down time, I think I deserve it.

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